About Us

Alberts – Accounting and Tax Consultants [AATC] one of the leading accounting, auditing, management and financial consulting firm in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE.

AATC is led by a team of qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to practice the profession in highest standards and providing the best services to the clients.

Alberts – Accounting and Tax Consultants provide professional services AS …

VAT and Excise Tax
Audit Services
Accounting and Financial Services
Management Consultancy
Alberts Software

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is to provide businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals with the highest quality accounting, auditing, tax planning and business advisory services. The core focus is to be on delivering the service in a timely, efficient and innovative manner by a professional team that works together to serve the best interest of the client.

Our vision is to be the most highly respected and trusted professional accounting and audit firm in UAE, where each client comes with a belief that his interests will be taken care of by a team who treats his problems as their own and find solutions which best suits his interest.


Our company uphold the integrity of others, Absolutely bring customers integrity service.

Professional competence

To maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure that a client or employer receives competent professional services based on the applicable standards and legislations.

Why Choose Us ?


During the period of service to customers, the information provided to clients is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed in any way unless there is legal liability or obligation

technical standards

We update consistently on latest global audit methodology ,auditing tools, the latest technological assistance and remain firm on the latest technical standards.