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Business Valuation & Restructuring


This will provide you with an assessment of your businesses value at a specific point (usually your current year end) by using a variety of methods typical for your sector.

It will be based on real time deals in your sector, with a brief outline of sector activity and a summary of relevant deals and multiples as achieved.

We will provide a summary of your market sector.


In addition to the above, we will be able to provide you with an assessment of the business value at two specific points (unusually your current year end and a future date) by using a variety of methods typical for your sector.

For the future valuation we will also provide a commentary on changes we may recommend you consider to enhance the valuation further.

Valuations will be based on real time transactions in your sector, as well as the industry generally.

This valuation will include a market review of deal appetite, prospects and trends for your industry backed up by research.

If needed and available, we will also review and comment on any issues in your articles of association and shareholder agreement that may affect the valuation.

For minority shareholding valuation issues we will provide a discount justification if required.


We help and Advise business owners with financial problems every day, so we understand how stressful it can be when your business experiences difficulty. Some of the situations we encounter concern small companies and are simple to resolve. Others are more complicated, involving multiple international jurisdictions. Financial and operational problems require specialist skills and experience. Planning the most sensible way forward is key for companies under pressure from creditors as well as advice on including directors’ legal responsibilities.

Our team work closely with bankers, venture capital funds and lawyers to restructure and refinance struggling organizations, across numerous industry sectors on projects that are based in the Channel UAE, Gulf and Internationally. Our first priority is to focus on recovery – both of the business and its corporate structure. Many businesses can avoid administration or liquidation by seeking professional advice as early as possible.

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Audit Services
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