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Regular Accounting Services Services| Alberts Accounting and Tax Consultant

Regular Accounting Services

Regular accounting services:

Monthly Visit: If the number of business transactions in the company is comparatively less, monthly one or two visits will be sufficient to complete updating of books of account. Our representative will be visiting the clients office at the end of every month/beginning of the next month and update the transactions. This will cover entry of all purchases, sales, receipts, payments and other business transactions including recognition of transactions on accrual basis. The system generated Management Information System (MIS) reports will be prepared and discussed with the management by our executive. Further quarterly reports (in-house financial statements) will be prepared and issued to the management at the end of every quarter. Such reports include:

  • Balance sheet (statement of financial position),
  • Profit and loss account (statement of comprehensive income),
  • Cash flow statements,
  • Receivables ageing list,
  • Payables ageing list,
  • Inventory analysis,
  • Comparative report on sales performance,
  • Comparative report on expenses,
  • Financial ratio analysis,
  • Working capital analysis,
  • BEP/Margin of safety analysis etc.
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